The New Normal – Intercompany Transactions in a COVID-19 Age (Live Webinar)

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23 November 2020, Monday

04.00 - 06.00PM
Online Classroom in or outside of Singapore

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Programme Synopsis

Asian businesses are vulnerable to the impact of COVID-19, the extent of which remains uncharted. Critical areas include transfer pricing as business risks continue to arise from evolving value chain disruptions, tax compliance demands and increased audits from fiscal stimulus measures. 

This webinar examines the disruptions arising from COVID-19 surveying the issues that arise and practical approaches to dealing with the resulting challenges. Drawing from real life business models, the expert speaker will walk you through scenarios covering limited risk, financing transactions and management/service fee cost recharges to illustrate the impact of COVID-19 and key trends across the Asia-Pacific that finance and tax leaders will need to be aware as they navigate these uncertain times. 

At the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  1. appreciate the disruption of COVID-19 to value chain;
  2. understand the elements of transfer pricing that are affected;
  3. learn though actual live examples of related party transactions the issues and risks to consider;
  4. acquire a high level sense as to what is needed to adjust MNE’s transfer pricing analysis, policies and documentation to mitigate these risks

Programme Outline

1. Overview of relevant aspects of transfer pricing   
2. Disruptions caused by COVID-19 to the global value chain
3. Short-term impact – disruption of current TP regime
4. Longer-term consequences – documenting and benchmarking, audits 
5. Lessons from other countries and past crisis
6. Case Studies

  • Principal - Limited risk arrangements
  • Impact on Singapore as a financial hub and treasury transfer pricing
  • Regional cost recharges including dealing with government subsidies

About the Presenter(s)/ Trainer(s)

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Mr Sam Sim
Co-Founder, Senior of Counsel
WTS Taxise
Accredited Tax Advisor (Income Tax)

Sam is board member of Tax Analysts, previously Regional VP, Europe, Asia and Latin-America for the Tax Executive Institute (TEI), and Chair of the Capital Markets Tax Committee TP sub-committee. He is a senior advisor to Vienna University, Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, Global Tax Policy Center, a member of the ADIT committee of the UK Chartered Institute of Taxation and a member of the Practice Council for New York University School of Law. Sam is a member of the Income Tax Board of Review hearing income tax appeals cases. He has extensive experience in cross-border taxation, digital tax, transfer pricing, tax controversies including tribunal and APAs and Intellectual Property issues across sectors including technology, banking & finance, manufacturing and distribution.


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