Getting a Good DEAL by Understanding Taxation Aspects of Mergers & Amalgamations and Tax Due Diligence (Live Webinar)

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05 August 2021, Thursday

09.00AM - 05.00PM
Online Classroom in or outside of Singapore

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Programme Synopsis

In this globalised climate, companies are constantly looking for new ways to increase revenues and find new revenue sources.  Some companies merged and acquired the others with a view to achieving better economies of scale and/or used the combined strengths to create new business models.

Some might argue that the success of any M&A deal is the result of the meeting of minds on the commercial terms of by the parties involved.  However, my experience suggests that identifying key deal tax issues in the early stage of the deal is equally important.  By carefully structuring the deal to overcome all potential tax obstacles and allowing the commercial objectives of the deal to be satisfied is not impossible.  What is required - it is proper mindset and strategies.
Imagine this scenario:  you are involved in a M&A deal whereby the parties are about to conclude a binding agreement. At this time, your tax advisor suddenly informs you that the deal cannot be proceeded because a stamp duty issue has to be resolved with the Singapore tax authorities. Imagine another scenario: no tax due diligence has been conducted because the management believes that it is not necessary.  Unfortunately, your group have assumed an unknown tax liability in millions of dollars from one of the entities in the seller’s group. Do you realise that poor tax planning in any M&A deal can be fatal? 

This is why in this 1-day workshop, participants have the opportunity to understand the potential Singapore income tax, GST and stamp duties consequences arising from common M&A deals in Singapore. The workshop should help participants to equip with the skill to ask their tax advisors the right questions and/or understand advice from their tax advisors so that potential tax deal breakers can be identified and resolved as early as possible. The use of practical case studies and interactive discussions between the workshop facilitator and the participants would form a major component in this workshop to ensure that the discussion and key learning points remain practical and relevant.

Programme Outline

  • Understand the common techniques to be used for the purpose of successfully acquiring / taking over the business of another company and consider some common tax issues arising from each of these methods of acquisition
  • Examine the Tax Due Diligence (“TDD”) process from the beginning to the finish line
  • Evaluate the “Dos” and “Don’ts” in any TDD exercise
  • Consider some of the common key deal tax issues that might occur in a TDD exercise and to what extent some of these issues can become the ultimate “deal-breaker!”
  • Evaluate any post-TDD matters that you must follow up, even after the TDD report has been issued
  • Discuss some of the tax best practice you can adopt in managing a successful M&A deal.

About the Presenter(s)/ Trainer(s)

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Mr Jack HM Wong
FCA Singapore
Accredited Tax Advisor (Income Tax & GST)

An Accredited Tax Advisor, Jack has over 24 years of international tax experience, providing MNC and high net-worth individuals with his comprehensive, relevant and timely solutions to address their urgent tax challenges.  He also has substantial experience in resolving tax disputes with the tax authorities and negotiating for tax incentives with the Singapore Government agencies on behalf his clients. Jack wins praise for his effective balance of the tax technical skills and client services.  In 2010, Jack received the honour of being named one of the top Notable Tax Practitioners in Singapore by Chambers & Partners, Asia. 
Apart from his tax practice, Jack has also embarked on his personal development journey and training in 2008 as he realises that it is important to have both business/ technical development and personal development for him to continue to take his business to the next level. Jack made the decision to specialise in the areas of personality profiling, sales presentation & pitch construction using proven language patterns, negotiation and communication skills. 
Currently, Jack is a certified / licensed trainer & facilitator with the following credentials:
Certified TetraMap Facilitator
Certified & Licensed Trainer with BANKCODE 
Licensed Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Certified Trainer & Coach in Blair Singer Training Academy
Certified Trainer in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® for STEP I & STEP II
Certified Trainer in Basic and Advanced Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles

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