SCTP: Let’s Talk Tax Technology (Counto) (Live Webinar)

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Recommended: Understand the support and solutions available to speed up deliverables
24 April 2024, Wednesday

Closing date: 17 April 2024, Wednesday, or when spaces are filled

10.00 - 11.30AM

Tech check from 9.45am


CPE Hours (Income Tax):

1.5 hour(s)

CPE Hours (GST):

0 hour(s)

Contact Nabila (+(65) 6360 5969), Anna (+(65) 6360 5979) or
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Programme Synopsis

It is no longer a question of whether to adopt or not but which technology solution to invest in as an upgrade from the existing. To help the tax profession speed up their upscale of work efficiency and be able to deliver at a higher plane, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore has established a community of software developers with a range of solutions to aid the filing of Form C-S and for some, GST too! 

Join in this month of Technology Beats and let’s get talking! Get updated on new features of familiar solutions and new developments that come with a dash of AI, no less! It isn’t just about technology solutions for Form C-S. Register today to be updated on BEPS Technology and GST implications on E-Invoicing implementation too!

You can sign up for both sessions – SINGTAX (22 April) and Counto (24 April) – in our Technology Beats series with just one registration form! Simply check both events’ boxes when filing in our Event Form.

Programme Outline

  • In just a year, the Inland Authority of Singapore (IRAS) has boosted its technology community by a leap! Hear what is next, the tax authority’s digitalisation plans for taxpayers and how you too can benefit.  
  • 22 April, Demo by Ms Goh Li Peng, Manager: You may be familiar with the SINGTAX solution – a specialised industry-standard tax software used by professionals – but do you know what are the updated features and the new grant that is available? Get clued in on its latest feature that includes built-in auto application of the corporate tax rebate and much more. See how this solution promises to save a third of the time in tax filing and minimise transposition errors.
  • 24 April, Demo by Ms Saba Khan, Chief Operations Officer: Unlock up to 80% increase in productivity with Counto: AI-driven compliance solutions for seamless workflow management, auto invoice extraction, one-click import from Xero and QuickBooks, and more. Enter a new era of tax efficiency.

SCTP reserves the right to vary any aspect of the event/ webinar should the situation warrant or due to unforeseen circumstances. This includes but not limited to the following: cancel the programme, change the venue, speakers, programme dates, fees and CPE hours. SCTP will take reasonable effort to notify participants of the changes.

About the Facilitator(s)

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Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)


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Tax Connection Pte Ltd
SINGTAX Corporate


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