Shipping Finance, Valuation & Consolidation

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03 November 2020, Tuesday - 06 November 2020, Friday

01.30 - 05.30PM

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Programme Synopsis

Taking into account latest developments in shipping industry, this masterclass offers practical guidelines and actionable insights into M&A due diligence practices, asset valuation and negotiation strategies. Applicable to all sectors of shipping, attendees will examine numerous real-world case studies, pitfalls and considerations to help you mitigate legal & financial exposure.

Throughout 4 modules, you will gain latest updates on consolidation trends, the global shipping & ship financing market, M&A and vessel transaction activities across sectors; key legal, operational & financial due diligence best practices and the S&P process & formation of contracts.

Programme Outline

Key Learning Outcomes & Case Studies Include
  • The global shipping market in 2020: Key updates on consolidation and M&A activities
  • Key insights on company valuations M&A Due diligence – Legal, Accounting & Financial breakouts
  • Risk assessment & mitigation in shipping M&A Transactions
  • The S&P transaction process of second-hand and newbuilding vessels
  • Financing for shipping projects – the loans, alternative sources of finance and negotiation
  • Formation of contracts in M&A and ship funding projects
  • Potential contentious aspects in M&As and vessel sale & purchase
  • Updates on ship funding market, sale & purchase and vessel building across sectors


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