SIATP (now referred to as SCTP)’s Taxlogue is a quarterly members' exclusive compendium of recent tax developments. Use it to ignite discussions and engage with your bosses, colleagues and/ or clients on pertinent tax issues.

Issue: Q2 2021

  • Tax authority's clarification on Rules on PreRegistration Input Tax Claims, Meaning of “Digital Services” under Overseas Vendor Registration, Tax Treatment for Holidays Paid/ Subsidised by Employers, Tax Treatment of Expenses Incurred by Employers to Facilitate Work from Home, FRS 109 – Impairment of trade receivables measured using the simplified approach and more
  • Top 10 most popular Pulse on Tax features from the past quarter
  • Article on Top Five Tax Considerations of 2021 and Revving Up for the Individual Tax Season
  • Webinar on a Tale of Two Transfer Pricing Regimes

Issue: Q1 2021

  • Taxation of foreign income earned prior to re-domiciliation, Tax Deductibility of Losses Incurred on Disposal of Test Drive Cars and Their Related Expenses for Car Dealers, Documentation with Respect to Sale of Qualifying Aircraft Parts under Section21(3)(x) and more
  • An Alternative to the OECD’s Pillar 1 Blueprint
  • Articles on Missing Trader Fraud in Singapore, COVID-19 and Taxes, The Line between Tax Planning and Tax Avoidance, Managing Transfer Pricing in Financial Transactions and Loan

Issue: Q4 2020

  • Tax authority's clarification on Withholding tax on payment of fees to a nonresident professional for services rendered in Singapore, Interest-free loans to directors, Form C – Data shown in printout/ confirmation page, Taxation of foreign income earned prior to re-domiciliation, Transfer Pricing documentation for interest-free related party loans, Tax treatment of revenue accounted for under FRS 115 or SFRS (I) 15 and more
  • Views on IRAS’ COVID-19 TP Guidance
  • Review of Singapore High Court's Decisions on 2019's Cases
  • Articles on Reverse Charge and Cashflow Improvement Opportunities for GST, GST and the Digital Economy and Sentencing Regime for Tax Offences

Issue: Q3 2020

  • Articles on Transfer Pricing in Commodities and COVID-19 and Taxes
  • Tax highlights on International Tax Policy, Digital Tax, VAT and others
  • Tax authority's clarification on Documentation to support borrowing costs for companies, Certificate of Residence, Individual Tax Filing System, Input Tax on Family Benefits, Imports under Section 33A and more


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