Aspiring to be a Tax Professional?

“Hardly a dull moment” was how a tax manager in a Big 4 summed up her ongoing professional journey in tax. You can read more about her story in the Skills Framework for Accountancy (Page 71 or Page 73/94) which describes the career pathway of tax specialists.

Fluidity of a Tax Career

A tax professional’s career can be very fluid even though it is a specialised field in accountancy. Tax professionals can be found in the government sector in tax administration or formulation of tax policies, in consultancies helping clients across various business sectors in their tax affairs (be it tax compliance or tax advisory) or in commerce value-adding to the business in strategic decision making and business operations.

The multi-faceted roles and responsibilities of a tax professional mean that no two tax jobs are the same. In fact, no two days are similar in a tax professional’s career!

Some may choose to focus on tax compliance especially amidst a dynamic business landscape of ever-increasing tax rules and new tax laws. Others may choose to focus on an aspect of tax advisory - be it on tax incentives or transfer pricing amongst other areas – or focus on a specific industry such as financial services or shipping.

The Choice is Yours

With a wide range of exciting options available to you to excel in, the choice is completely in your hands. To start off, add yourself to our mailing list, connect with the tax community and be in the know or check out some of the tax positions as well as the career tips and professional advice from an in-house Head of Tax and a Transfer Pricing and Digital Tax specialist!

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