Advanced GST Workshop – Managing GST Risks in Your Business and Avoiding Pitfalls and Errors (Live Webinar)

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26 April 2021, Monday - 27 April 2021, Tuesday

09.00AM - 05.00PM
Online Classroom in or outside of Singapore

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Programme Synopsis

In this module, we will debate the simplicity of the Singapore GST system. If you believe GST is easy, why did IRAS launch the Assisted Compliance Programme (“ACAP”) and the Assisted Self-Help Kit (“ASK”) in 2011?  Why were they several major amendments to our GST legislation and regulations in the past few years?  If you think you can ask IRAS for a waiver of penalty for non-compliance with the GST law because this is your first offence, think again.

In this module, participants will have the opportunity to grasp a deeper understanding of the various key GST concepts so that they are able to immediately apply what they learn in their workplace. Some participants had taken immediate action to relook their GST transactions after attending the workshop and consider voluntary disclosures, where appropriate.

As GST issues can be dynamic, participants will learn a step-by-step approach from the workshop facilitator and be introduced a proven work template to enable them to analyse different kinds of GST issues.  Feedback from the past participants is that they were able to apply this work template to analyse their companies’ GST issues very quickly.

As this is an advanced GST workshop, participants will be assumed to have equipped with a basic understanding of the GST concepts.

Programme Outline

  • Review and summarise recent IRAS’ prosecution on GST matters
  • Describe GST and identify the sources of GST law in Singapore
  • Illustrate common pitfalls of GST registration
  • Differentiate goods from services for GST purposes
  • Clarify the place of supply rules for GST purposes
  • List the various types of taxable supplies and explain common myths about zero-rating provision for GST purposes
  • Explain common pitfalls of accounting for import GST and illustrate different schemes to provide import GST suspension
  • Clarify the rules regarding input tax claim for GST purposes
  • Investigate GST issues on mergers & acquisition transactions
  • Review certain special GST topics based on facilitator’s proposal and participants’ request
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of applying advanced tax ruling from IRAS
  • Explore the management of GST disputes and audit
  • Explore the ramifications of the voluntary disclosure regime

About the Presenter(s)/ Trainer(s)

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Mr Jack HM Wong
FCA Singapore
Accredited Tax Advisor (Income Tax & GST)

An Accredited Tax Advisor, Jack has over 24 years of international tax experience, providing MNC and high net-worth individuals with his comprehensive, relevant and timely solutions to address their urgent tax challenges.  He also has substantial experience in resolving tax disputes with the tax authorities and negotiating for tax incentives with the Singapore Government agencies on behalf his clients. Jack wins praise for his effective balance of the tax technical skills and client services.  In 2010, Jack received the honour of being named one of the top Notable Tax Practitioners in Singapore by Chambers & Partners, Asia. 
Apart from his tax practice, Jack has also embarked on his personal development journey and training in 2008 as he realises that it is important to have both business/ technical development and personal development for him to continue to take his business to the next level. Jack made the decision to specialise in the areas of personality profiling, sales presentation & pitch construction using proven language patterns, negotiation and communication skills. 
Currently, Jack is a certified / licensed trainer & facilitator with the following credentials:
Certified TetraMap Facilitator
Certified & Licensed Trainer with BANKCODE 
Licensed Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Certified Trainer & Coach in Blair Singer Training Academy
Certified Trainer in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® for STEP I & STEP II
Certified Trainer in Basic and Advanced Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles


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